Slow Me Down

These are some of the thousand things I want to tell you:

I love your voice, really. And when I think of ways to try to call you I get nervous. Too nervous that I don’t want to call you anymore.
I think of you all the time. I think of you when I print some floor plans. I think of you when I look at all the receipts needed to be liquidated. I think of you when a song plays on the radio - thinking that you might like it. I think of you before I fall asleep. I think of you when my cats stare right through my eyes.
I always think of how your eyes turn crescent when you smile, or how a photograph captures your face. I like how the camera loves every bit of your features. I always think of how your voice will sound like when you send me a text message.

I-I just, I just don’t know how to tell you that you’re the most precious thing.

Went to Doc Vitt’s exhibit last Friday and it was awesome d:)b