I hope they have Tumblr in heaven

Last night while we were at the church, I saw your face in another person’s body. I was sure it was you I saw, although I know this is just an illusion - a made-up image of you. I thought I have forgotten your face, but last night those memories I had with you were still vivid as they flashed back through my mind; and I cried a lot - telling Him to wave you hello when you pass by. This is somewhat weird but I’m happy I saw you. It was a long time, really.

I always miss you, chessmaster. We always do.


It’s like driving on a smooth road and suddenly you didn’t notice the bump,
or that moment of craving for your favorite drink and it suddenly sold out. It was that very certain day when you bought yourself a souvenir for a job well done at work, then you got yourself into the sinkhole.

Life is really a mess, but this is just a phase. I’ll get by… soon.