The Furball Spill
Stories behind the smelly shirt mask
55. My beloved building during nighttime fascinates me. I know I’m explaining this architecturally so please bear with me.
During daytime, these glass walls give you a perfect view of the Main building and the orange blend of the sun into the bluish to violet sky as it sets at dusk. And then at night, the lights of the buildings surrounding España are such a good time waster, especially when your attention to the lesson had already faded. The people then walking past the building would just stare at its randomly lit rooms from the inside, more like of an everyday crossword puzzle.
So in conclusion, the Beato Angelico building is obviously aesthetically grand, and the most pleasing after the Main building. Too bad the building is isolated from the others; still, I think that is a great advantage.
  1. carlubana said: Pede ba kami pumasok sa beato? Haha. Mukang maganda yung bldg nio. :))))
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